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Trouble On The Web Cam. A Big OOPS!

One day I was on and instant messenger under a fake name flashing my boobs on webcam for people I have been conversing with on a sex site. Well I had many people watching me and asking me to show more. So I showed my pussy and EVERYTHING else but not my face, never my face. After I started having cyber sex with one of the viewers. I watched him jack off and he watched me shake my goodies on cam but each time neither of us showed our faces. One day he randomly asked for a face pix. I said OK I will if you do first. He sent me a pic and it was someone in my family who lives in another state!!!!! I was freaking out at first, I mean you know! I felt ashamed at first and then turned on knowing that he saw all of my goodies and never knew it was me!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: you make me so fucking horny

Good, my job is done then! So do you job and make me horny!

gsiybd asked: Whats good mama! Hot enough for ya !

It’s always hot in here! Wahooo got myself all wet and shit! Kisses!

benisaslut-deactivated20130911 asked: Just stopping in to say that I absolutely fucking love your tumblr. Soooo hot, fantastic. Keep it up.

Thank you so very much sweetheart!

Ever Expose Yourself?

I know this is going to sound crazy and bullshit, but this is a true story. The very first time I ever remember exposing myself to anyone was when I was 9 years old. We lived in this house that was on a very busy street. Our living room had a really huge window that faced the busy street. One night my Mom left and went somewhere probably the grocery store. I stayed at home and locked all the doors like she told me to. I think my Brother was there too but he was asleep. I got horny. I took off all of my clothes and turned off the lights. I stood in front of that huge window exposing myself! I turned around and bent over so that the cars and people going by could get a good view of my bald cunt and tight asshole. I heard horns honking and people whistling. I turned around and shook my barely there tits at them. I then ran to my room and got dressed! I still to this day do not know why I did that! I wasn’t the type of child do do such a thing! I was shy and very quiet. That night I was what I call, ‘window ho’!

I wasn’t the only one in my family to do such a thing. My cousin (the one I spoke about in an earlier post about incest) was living with us when I was about 10 or 11. She stood in front of our window (not the one I told you about but a diff house we lived in) and pulled down her shorts and showed my brothers and their friends her pussy! I was shocked but thought it was exciting!

Window Accident Or Was It?

When I was 14 years old we lived in these townhomes that were very old, so old they had those roll out half windows. I don’t know how to explain it, the windows were rectangle and had a crank thing attached that you had to roll to get the window to come open. Anyway, our bathroom one was always open at least a tiny bit. Our bathroom was upstairs. I thought one of my brothers had shut the window because they had just got through showering. Well, it was my turn to shower and I get naked and step into the shower. I get all hot and wet from the steamy shower. All of a sudden I hear what sounded like a couple of guys whistling and telling me to turn around. I freak out a bit wondering where the sound was coming from and I turn around towards the window and realize that it is open! I had just given those two boys a look at my tits! By accident of course! I shut the window and finished my shower. Later on that night I walked to the grocery store on the block over. Those two boys followed me. One was white and one was black. I thought they both were ugly! They asked if they could see my tits again and I acted like I didn’t know what they were talking about. I tried to play it off. I heard the white boy tell the black boy, “Let’s just rape her.” I got scared and suddenly I felt arms around me and I was pulled behind the grocery store behind a huge dumpster. It was dark outside and they yanked my clothes off. I was butthole naked and thrown to the ground. The white guy pulled his cock out and started pounding my cunt hard. He came in me and told his friend that it was his turn. His friend punched my cunt with his big black cock stretching my cunt wide.I did not scream or fight as I knew that would do me no good. I just laid there and let the two boys fuck me. I did not move until I was sure they were gone. Then I put my clothes on and ran home. I never told anyone about that night!

Did You Ever….

Post a pic like say many years ago and think that it was gone or forgot it even exist only to find it many years from then? That is exactly what happened to me. There was or is a site called RATE MY BOOBS. 5 years ago I posted a pic and totally forgot it was on there. Whoa to my surprise! Like a time capsule! Hell to the yeah and fuck yeah! My tits are fucking awesome! Yes I sound conceited but fuck yeah. I love my tits!

Pleasure comes in many different ways.

Hurts So Good!

As he pinned and clamped my most sensitive parts, I couldn’t help but moan out in pain. It hurt but at the same time it felt so goddamn good! He pulled me on top of him and slid his massive cock deep inside of my cunt drilling it in deep and even more deeper by the second. I felt like I was going to explode as I screamed out with pleasure! I felt him go deeper and deeper until his entire cock was all of the way inside of my cunt. I felt so full and so stretched. I rode his cock harder and faster up and down and back and forth. I felt myself throbbing as his cock pumped tons of creamy hot cum into my cunt.